Tenant Handbook


The security and safety of our tenants are of primary concern for the Property Management Team at 9821 Katy Frwy. By informing you of our building's emergency procedures, it is our hope to reduce the risk of threatening occurrences and to coordinate quick, effective responses to emergency situations. This handbook is for the education of the tenants residing in the building as well as information into the policies and procedures of the Property Management Team. This book is intended as a reference into the procedures currently in place and as a guide for the tenants to establish their own business and personal emergency plans. These procedures are not intended to cover every possible emergency situation that may arise at our property or in your tenant space and only covers the most common events.  

Please refer to the Tenant duties in these procedures. These persons play an important role in maintaining the safety of the building and responding effectively to emergency situations. Each tenant should select employees that will have responsibilities in this handbook. Each tenant representative should be encouraged to become familiar with the procedures described on the following pages and disseminate this information to their employees and visitors. Property Management should be notified of the names of these tenant representatives, as they will be contacted regarding building safety procedures. 

In the event of an emergency, a safe and rapid response is the joint responsibility of the Property Management Team and each person in the building. If there are any questions, please call the Property Management Office BEFORE an emergency arises! We are pleased to have you as a tenant, and hope that you will put forth the effort necessary to enhance the safety and security of all of us.

Please note that it is each tenant’s responsibility to train all of their employees on all emergency procedures for the building as well as emergency situations that may arise within your tenant space. (OSHA 1910.38 requires that any employer that has 11 or more employees on a site must have a written Emergency Action Plan and provide training to all employees.) If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Property Management Office. Thank you for your cooperation.

Emergency Notification System

An emergency mass notification system may be used to convey informational voice (work and/or cell phones) and text (email and/or SMS) messages to your Company’s designated emergency contacts including, but not ,limited to, the following critical events and emergencies that may affect your Company’s operations and/or building or areas of Memorial City. Please ensure that all designated emergency contacts’ information is kept up-to-date with the Property Management Office. 

Tenant Hotline

A tenant hotline has been set up to offer information about building closures and status of critical events at Memorial City. It is updated before 6:30AM each morning. No messages can be left on the hotline and no live persons are available at that number. For emergencies, please contact the Property Management Office.