Tenant Handbook

Parking Procedures

Parking for the building is provided by a 5 level garage facility located on the south side of the building.  The garage is equipped with 1 elevator located on the north side of the garage.  Three stairwells are also conveniently located in the garage on the north side, middle, and south side of the garage. An additional stairwell that services the 5th level of the garage is located on the northeast corner of the garage on levels 4 and 5. 

  • Visitor Parking
    • Tenants may not park in visitor spaces at any time and are subject to tow at their own expense.
    • Any visitors parking longer than 2-hours must park on levels 2 and above.
  • Contract/Employee Parking
    • Contract/employees are to park on levels 2 and above.
    • All employees must register their vehicle through the designated tenant contact. If a new vehicle is purchased, the employee must inform tenant contact of change by filling out the ACCESS CARD AND PARKING APPLICATION form.
    • Assigned parking tags must be displayed on mirror when parking on property.
    • Reserved spaces are clearly marked with signage. Violators will be towed.
    • Unreserved parking is available in all spaces not noted as reserved, visitor, or accessible.
  • Speed limit is 10 mph in garage. Stop for all pedestrians.
  • Vehicles must be parked entirely within the painted stall lines of a single parking stall.
  • All directional signs and arrows must be observed.
  • Tenants and employees are required to park in building designated garage, not in neighboring building garages or lots.
  • Trailer hitches that extend beyond the bed of the truck need to be removed. They are a source of injury and damage to pedestrians and other vehicles.
  • Violations:
    • FIRST OFFENSE:  Ticketed via a window sticker (warning).
    • SECOND OFFENSE:  Orange Sticker placed on window. 
    • THIRD OFFENSE:  Vehicle will be booted at the vehicle owner’s expense.
  • Parking is prohibited:  (a) in areas not striped for parking; (b) in aisles or on ramps; (c) where “no parking” signs are posted; (d) in cross-hatched areas; and (e) in such other areas as may be designated from time-to-time by Landlord.
  • ENTIRE GARAGE is NON SMOKING, with the exception of the Designated Smoking Area located in the adjacent garage. Exit building sky bridge on 2nd floor and cross over into adjacent garage. Smoking area is on the southwest corner.
  • Landlord reserves the right, without cost or liability to Landlord; to tow any vehicle if such vehicle’s audio theft alarm system remains engaged for an unreasonable period of time.
  • Landlord reserves the right from time-to-time to modify and/or adopt such other reasonable and non-discriminatory rules and regulations for the parking facilities as it deems reasonably necessary for the operation of the parking facilities.
  • Building owner and management are not responsible for any loss due to theft, collision or any other damages to vehicles in the 9821 Katy Freeway parking garage, surface lot or any other areas on-site.